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Date: Sun 25 February 18
Time: 17:00

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Emergency Comedy Night with Nicholas Holt and Jack Britton

Pay what you decide event!

Improv with Nicholas Holt

Improv like you’ve never seen it before. Because you won’t have seen it before, because that’s the point of improv init.mate. Featuring local lads Lewys Holt (does comedy but is also a professional dancer…whaaaat?) and Daniel Nicholas (a comedian mildly obsessed with animal print shirts) They’ll be improvising together and apart, they’ll be writing, choreographing and performing simultaneously on stage. Sometimes funny. Sometimes something…else. Expect crazy characters, silly voices, unusual moves, and homoerotic behaviour. Who knows what will happen? They don’t. Quality (of some kind) guaranteed.

Jack Britton

Jack Britton has been smashing (mostly uninvited) his way through the comedy scene with his aggressive strumming, bizarre tales and shouty lyrics. From sea shanties to love songs via cult anthems. Described by The Grade as 'Terrifying yet fun', Leicester’s Comedy Diva refuses to bugger off.